12 Month Online Priestess Initiation

starting September 1, 2019


It is my absolute pleasure to announce:
The Priestess Initiation Membership


Tap Into the Power of the Living Wisdom of the Priestess Lineage.

Want to be a part of this year’s Sisterhood?

(It is a 4 easy 4 step process)



Are you done with chasing the same unavailable guys?

Do you have a special gift of finding dysfunctional Men?

Are you constantly playing out the same relationship pain patterns?



Are you ready to know your own infinite untouchable worth?

Are you wanting to be feel juicy, sensual & empowered?

Are you wanting to clear & release the relational trauma from your body, mind and spirit?


What Is The Priestess Initiation

& What Can It Do For You?

Hello Beauty, I’m Jocelyn Daher, creator of The Priestess Initiation...

Since 2015 I have been sharing one on one transformational guidance, leading globally synchronized meditations with the intention to help create more peace on Earth and writing on how to do the deep inner spiritual work while keeping it light!

But before I go any further you need to know this:

I’m not a certified “life” coach, I definitely wouldn’t call myself enlightened or anything like that....

I am more of a self-taught spiritual-scientist!

I’m just a regular girl on the path of self empowerment, most likely just like you.

And although I have had some intuitive gifts since I was a child...

It was only a few years ago I had a poor relationship with myself and as a result my romantic relationships were full of emotional suffering.

I didn’t know my own worth. I was terrified of abandonment by my partner and I would do everything in my relationships to secure that he would stay with me…

My relationships were never a safe place for me to know and express my “true self”.

I would change relationships but the same relational issues would eventually rise to the surface again and again...

At the same time, I always had a feeling deep down… that I was here to manifest and be a part of a harmonious partnership. A relationship where we helped build one another up rather than hide who we truly were from one another or tear each other down!

I would shift relationships but the same patterns would stick…

I felt stuck on repeat!

But then I had an idea….


I had a vision.

To do a ceremony to invoke the divine union within me…

For three lunation cycles I held this ceremony to call in the divine masculine within me…

(I was very naturally feminine) to create this inner balance….Soon after, I went on to have very significant lessons in my life that started to reveal all sorts of past-life priestess contracts, blockages, fears, and patterns, that were only weighing me down.

I learned how to understand my emotional processes, I began to de-armor all of the tension and trauma from my womb and I began to take full responsibility for my life as I stepped into becoming a more sovereign woman.

Instead of waiting for a man to provide the missing piece for my life and constantly searching for someone to complete me.

I finally felt at a point in my life where if a man did come into my life, the only way I would be in a relationship with him was if he would be able to actually add something significant to the life I already felt completely fulfilled.

I felt completely whole with or without a man!

Does this sound like a relatable journey or maybe a journey you would like to complete within yourself?


I am calling in women who are looking to…

Break free from the past, releasing and replacing old stories around people, and circumstances that are not in your highest interest...

Ready to create a new relationship with themselves by having radical honesty and responsibility!

Here to learn the tools of how to really step into and embody your soul gifts within this lifetime.

Learn to completely trust your intuitive knowing and listen to that guidance!

Thankfully...I have gone through these initiations myself!

This course summarizes the equivalent of 15 years of self improvement work!

That is why I created The Priestess Initiation, to make the process easier for you!

I made this a year long online journey to give you time and space to ease-fully transform your life one piece at a time…


Here’s exactly what you will get when you join…

The Priestess Initiation

Over the next few months, you will be receiving so many gifts!

What You Will Receive in the Course:

Weekly Practices throughout the Entire Program (a little over 40 in total) these include guided written exercises, guided visualizations, meditation and exploratory body work.

4 Quarterly One on One Calls (90 mins) with Jocelyn (This is only in the intimate package $144USD a month)

2 Two Hour Women’s Sharing Circle Calls a Month (on or close to the New/Full Moon)

1 Recorded Hour Lecture a Month, that explains the theme for that month

4 Ceremonies for the Equinoxes & Solstices

1 PDF Guidebook Overview of the 12 Month Re-Birthing Program

As a Priestess Initiate Member you will receive intimate personal access to me in our private community with live video women’s circle and Q&A Sessions as we;; .

Providing guidance so that you can make practical positive changes in your life.

In every recorded Priestess Theory Video and Priestess Course Practice, you will experience a direct connection with ancient information put into a modern context that will infuse your life with fulfillment.


2019 - 2020 Course Curriculum

Opening Circle & Orientation - September (Month 1) Fall Equinox Ceremony


Session 1 - October (Month 2) Understanding the Female Body Samhain

Session 2 - November (Month 3) Understanding the Sexology of Men

Session 3 - December (Month 4) Remembering the Christ-Sophia Lineage

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Session 4 - January (Month 5) Womb Clearing


Session 5 - February (Month 6) Learning to Become Self Sourced

Session 6 - March (Month 7) Preparing Your Bodily Temple Spring Equinox Ceremony

Session 7 - April (Month 8) Exploring Your Self Pleasure Landscape


Session 8 - May (Month 9) LightBody Igniting Practices Beltane

Session 9 - June (Month 10) Exploring Ancient Priestess Archetypes Litha

Session 10 - July (Month 11) Holding Your Own Sacred Circles

Closing Circle & Course Completion - August (Month 12) Summer Solstice Ceremony


All of the Goodies You Will Walk Away With:

+ Learn Natural Birth Control and Fertility Practices

+ Come Understand and therefore Love Your Cycle

+ Understand How to Reset and De-stress your Nervous System

+ Help understand and heal Childhood and Relational Wounding

+ Understand the Man’s bio-circuitry, how his bodies are different than the feminine

+ Learn how to “Sexually De-armor” Yourself

+ Clear Trauma from within your Womb

+ Ignite your pleasure pathways by exploring your different forms of Female Orgasm

+ Learn ways to maintain Beauty, Vitality and Longevity through Natural Health

+ Utilize Ancient Practices to understand your own sexual essence and sexually alchemize with your partner in new ways

+ Knowing yourself as the Sacred Source of Love to heal the wounds of Abandonment

+ Burn any contract you may still be playing out that no longer serves you in the Priestess Lineage and claim your new Priestess Path in this lifetime

+ Learn how to become a more self sovereign women by tapping into your deepest desires, solid boundaries and needs to thrive.

+ Understand how to balance your inner masculine and feminine, start the practices of inner marriage


All together, your membership in
The Priestess Initiation is

worth more than $5,328.00...


one time of $528

$44 a month!


Sounds Magical!
How Can I Join?

It is so simple!

Just Click the Button Below: “Join the Priestess Initiation”
& you’ll be taken to fill out the Priestess Initiation Application…

And the good news is you don’t have to know if this course is 100% for you…because your registration is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee!

Be a part of The Priestess Initiation Membership for 30 Days.

And if you do not resonate with the course material or even with me, don’t worry!

I will make sure to get you the entirety that you have invested back yo you!

Click The Button Below and you will be taken to the registration page where you will simply enter your name, email and then pay $144 to secure your spot in the course.

Then you will receive a link where you will get a 30 minute complimentary call where you can ask me any questions you may have.

We will be starting The Priestess Initiation starting September 1st 2019.

If you run into trouble in anyway or have questions you would like answered, just send an email to jocelyndaher@gmail.com and I would be happy to help.


So Excited to Get to Know You More!

(It is a 4 easy 4 step process)


Sending you so many blessings to you and yours.

Thank you for all your time and presence.


Jocelyn Daher