Single One on One sessions

All of these Sessions are done One on One on Skype. 


Oracle card Readings

45 Minute Skype Call

$75 USD

Get a full reading in what I call my

"Grand Cross" spread.

I use John Holland's Psychic Tarot Deck. Depicted in the photo above.

This includes your Past, Present and Future as well as your underlying issue, key to unlocking your highest reality and the most probable highest reality for the future. 


One on one session 

1 hour & 30 Minutes Skype Call

$150 USD 

Sessions range from a "one off" session when individually required or when you are wanting to have a bit of extra support. You create your own experience

Some examples of what I usually do in

my "One off Sessions":

  • Answer questions about the spirit realm or how to access your intuitive gifts.

  • Provide an extra opinion on any challenges you may be having in life.

  • Accessing your Feminine Essence or questions about sacred sexuality.

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Auric feild cleanse & Protection

1 Hour Skype Call

$111 USD 

This Session is a guided visualization of how to be able to sense your Auric Field and re-enforce your Auric Field with a 12th Dimensional Shield. If offers a light protection and cleansing from other influence in the past as well as in the future fortification.

This is specifically helpful for

Empaths or Extra-Sensitives.

I then move into a verbal, extensive removal invocation that goes through the removal of all negative forms. 

At the end of the session you will be give both the instructions of how to do this visualization and invocation for yourself.