As a man in this world, it is hard to find good examples of the masculine. We grow by the right model and develop our values, morals, and virtues because of it. Without those, we are lost and unable to discover what kind of man we are.

A man’s journey is one in search of power. Not through taking the superficial route by gaining more fame, money, and sex. But the spiritual path by building and sculpting an unwavering inner life. To be a stable provider, a loving partner, an anchor in the household, a beacon of light that commands healthy authority in all areas of life.

The ancient Chinese have known for centuries that the quality and quantity of our essence significantly determines our physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. The power we seek as men are being exploited, squandered, and depleted in a multitude of ways.

The leaky, boundariless, weak-willed men are simply that because of their inability to hold their essence. But what is this essence? In what ways do we deplete it? And how do we replenish it? These are crucial questions for any man in search of his way. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a practical and clearcut way to answer these questions.

Allow us to take you on a journey that helps you to question the current sexual and masculine stigmas of our society and get in touch with your most profound truth, power, and higher self.

This course is for you if:

  1. You are ungrounded, purposeless, and lost the majority of the time.

  2. You are easily emotionally overwhelmed.

  3. You are anxiety-ridden.

  4. You feel fatigued and lackluster.

  5. You have weak boundaries or are looking to improve them.



  1. Week 1: Laying the Foundation

    1. The energetic anatomy of a man.

    2. Learn how to channel your sensitivities and turn them into your greatest strengths.

    3. Explore the many ways you waste your essence as a man.

    4. Learn how to deal with your sexual frustration and addiction.

  2. Week 2:

    1. Three easy ancient Daoist ways to cultivate discipline, structure, and a healthy routine.

    2. How to develop your spiritual and sexual power and how they correlate.

    3. Discover the hidden esoteric meaning behind addiction, anxiety, and stress.

    4. Basic Qigong practices that cultivate refine, and replenish essence.

  3. Week 3: The Virtues of the Healthy Masculine.

    1. What morals, values, and virtues are and why they make the man.

    2. Inner polarity creates the holy sword of discernment.

    3. Master finding a balance between the masculine and feminine principles.

    4. Daoist internal alchemy basic practices to cultivate inner strength and balance.

  4. Week 4: A man’s relationship with the world.

    1. Discover the difference between false authority and real authority.

    2. Explore your role as a man in romantic relationships and sexual intimacy.

    3. Find out more about how to become a beacon of light in our current society.

    4. Where to go from here? Learn to navigate your destiny, purpose, and karma.