The 12 Month Online Priestess Apprenticeship
to Sep 21

The 12 Month Online Priestess Apprenticeship

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Join the circle of sisters gathering together for The 12 Month Priestess Online Apprenticeship starting September 21, the vernal Equinox. 

The Priestess Program is a dedication to the journey of knowing yourself as divinity and devoting the wisdom and love within you to be offered to  the healing of this planet. Joining together with other conscious women to create a collective impact.

The first priestess program only grazed the surface of what can be transformed and explored as a woman. I wanted to create an online immersion for woman around the world where I will not just be sharing these ancient teachings but you will be able to experience them through practice.

The Priestess Online Apprenticeship will consist of a monthly hour long theory video, 4 different Embodiment practices a month, a Private FB Women’s Circle, PDF Workbook and 1 Monthly Live Women’s Circle for deep heart sharing as well as time for Q&A.

For each week of the month there will be a new practice and alignment assignment to implement for an entire week. This will really created grounded change, through these weekly practices the monthly theme will have time to actual become embodied experience.    

Get to know a group of fellow conscious women and go on a journey together for 9 months as you rebirth into your new level of inner awareness.


Overview of the 12 Month Re-Birthing Program:

  • The History of the Priestess (Extended)

  • The Biology of the Female Body (Extended)

  • Ancient Secrets for Preparation and Care for Bodily Temple

  • De-Armoring - Clearing Your Womb Energetically (Deeper Look)

  • Connect to Your Womb - Self Healing through Self Pleasuring

  • Creating Sacred Space - Holding Ceremony Personally and for Others

  • Sexual Light Body Practices - Exercises to Connect with Your Beloved (Extended)

  • Understanding the Masculine Bodies and Serving the Man

  • The Priestess Path - Devoting Yourself to the Divine Mystery


What You Will Integrate in the Course:

  • Learn Natural Birth Control and Fertility Practices

  • Understand How to Reset and De-stress your nervous system in any situation

  • Learn how to “Sexually De-armor” Yourself and Your Partner

  • Clear Trauma from within your Womb

  • Ignite your pleasure pathways by exploring your 7 Different Forms of Female Orgasm

  • Learn ways to maintain Beauty, Vitality and Longevity through Natural Health

  • Utilise Ancient Practices to understand your own essence and sexually alchemise with your partner

  • Understand the Man’s biocircuitry, how his bodies are different than the feminine template

  • Knowing yourself as the Divine

In the 12 Month Apprenticeship:

  • Become a Certified “Priestess Practitioner”

  • Be able to Hold your own Online or In-Person Moon Circles

  • Receive all the information needed to hold your own Online Women’s Programs

  • Train in how to “hold space” as a conscious guide for One on One Coaching

  • Learn how to facilitate Personal and/or Group Sacred Ceremonies

What You Will Receive:

  • 1 Hour Theory Video - A monthly hour long “theory” video that includes extended all of the information and explanation behind each each weekly practice for the month.

  • A PDF Workbook - this interactive workbook is provided for you to be able  keep up with all of the information as well as track your unfolding.

  • 4 Feminine Essence Practices a Month - change only happens when the philosophy can be grounded into experience, there will be a practice to follow for each week of each month.

  • 1 Live Monthly Heart Sharing Circle and Q&A - join with the women from our intimate circle as we share our experiences and explore any questions you may have.

  • Private FB Group - gather and share with other women in an exclusive environment.

What is the Priestess Path and Why Do We as Women Need to Understand It More?

The Priestess Path is a dedication to the journey of knowing yourself as divinity and devoting that wisdom and love to the healing of this planet.

The Priestess Path has been buried after thousands of years of it’s forgotten power. We see this path in many forms in our world today yet it has been severely distorted. The Priestess was a woman who dedicated all of her focus on source itself and to the service of others through that devotion.

For centuries, for thousands of years the feminine has been suppressed. Now, before you turn and run from that statement alone or get a kick out of it by validating your beliefs, I kindly encourage you to read a bit further.

We are entering a time on our planet of feminine energy and presence rising, when the woman is finally being able to “take her power back” and the feminine energy with men is becoming more accepted at large.

The feminine empowerment movement is all about “not needing a man”. This has a touch of truth since all true sustenance comes from within, we are completely whole within ourselves. But this ideology although close vibrationally to the truth, is worlds apart from true feminine empowerment in my opinion.

There is a glorification of hyper masculinization in women in western society. The idea that we have to make up for lost time or prove that we are worthy in modern times today. This is a natural result, a slingshot effect of being repressed for so long. The response or imbalance to suppression becomes compensatory behavior. Compensating for what has seemingly been lost, suppressed or confined. A feeling of needing to “prove” ourselves as a collective.

This over masculinisation of the woman is the same energy that has caused distortions within the male acquisition of power and as women trying to take on this balance in mimicking the masculine path to power we are starting to see an exacerbation of female illnesses, like endometriosis, PCOS, and even heavy, painful or absent periods. Not to mention the numbers soaring in women’s infertility.

There was a time, long ago, among the ancient sands of time when women were revered by men of power and influence for their fierce compassion, for their steadfast endless gentleness , beauty and grace. Her existence, her being an embodiment of the void of potentiality within creation. The great mother where all matter is birthed, where all are pulled to its magnetic vortex to be rebalanced and recreated. Inside each woman is this tremendous force; endlessly providing, ever silent, everlastingly nurturing and providing.

If we look to examples of powerful women throughout history there is a thread woven throughout the stories of our past. This course is about remembering the tapestry of deep embodied wisdom within the woman’s archetype, woven within your entire being. Your sacred humble path of healing and restoration is not only for you alone. This is not only for the women, when the women are healed they are able to offer space for collaboration and amplification of the mission for all. There are so many conscious women and awakening men who are asking to just be seen, to have a comrade in this journey to creating a New Earth together, hand in hand.

When the women heal, we heal our planet.

Loving your courageous heart,

Jocelyn Daher

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