My First Experience with Animal Communication

✨My first time communicating with animals was in the middle of the Sinai Desert✨


This is Hindi, I saved his life but before I tell you how, you need some background - Hindi was my camel that I was paired with during our ten day journey in the Sinai desert in Egypt at the end of March 2018. When I was in the desert there was no usual distractions like social media. I decided that I would dedicate all of my awareness on expanding my extrasensory skills. One of them being feeling myself within and as all things, when I enter this state of awareness I begin to connect and communicate with all of nature.

I have never deliberately tried to communicate with animals before but for the first time my curiosity was pulled to do so, there was a sand colored girl camel, she was the tiniest of the bunch. She was continuously crying out several times per minute, she seemed very distressed and my heart was pulled to find out why.

I walked over to her, she kept darting her eyes to me nervously. I kept a gentle smile on my face and even more beamed her images of my holding her in my arms, giving her a warm embrace. I continued to walk to her slowly and she seemed more open and curious now. I placed my right hand on her side and imagined our heart fields connecting as one, I could feel them merge energetically.

After a few minutes of this heart bond, she beamed an image into my mind. It was a sand colored female camel with a sand colored baby by her side. I immediately thought she was longing to have a baby. There was a male camel that had been eyeing her and I thought that she wanted to be impregnated but this was just my mind’s interpretation and she let me know by beaming my another imagine. Now it is was her in the middle with a brown and black female camel on one side and on the other side the two mother-baby pair of sand colored camels.

I thought to myself,” Oh, you miss your friends!” She looked at me with an emotion of sadness in her eyes I will never forget. I expanded my heart field with as much compassion to her as I could. I know the feeling of missing someone that is dear to your heart, the feeling of being scared or alone. I told her through vibrational or the emotional field of telepathic connection we were sharing. She became very still and quiet.

I needed to know if what I saw had any validity. I left the “little girl’s” side and headed over to Joyce (the owner and main organizer of the camel tours. I told her about the vision that little girl camel and I had shared. Joyce looked at me stunned, she proceeded to explain how this was “little girl” camel’s first camel tour through the desert without her two female friends. She usually grazes with and travels with two other female camels. One brown and black camel, that was not able to go on this trip due to being sick and the other sand-colored female camel had just given birth to a  sand colored camel. “Little girl” had shown me a vision of her friends. Joyce asked me if I could go over to the little girl and show her a vision, that she will see her friends again when the night sky was completely black and so I did. “Little girl” was very quiet and peaceful the remainder of the trip.

However my psychic field had expanded to becoming quite sensitive. The next day I rode Hindi the camel featured in the photo above. Hindi was a strong male camel, there were a few other camels who were strong male camels but Hindi stood out to me. Where the other camels were quite content with loading the supplies on their back. Hindi was aggressive every time the Bedouin camel drivers loaded him up for the track. I was peacefully and joyfully riding him feeling into how free I was as we walked across this vast desert open space. When seemingly, out of nowhere, I received images of him bucking me off his saddle and running away into the sandy hills. He was feeling very frustrated and agitated, I wanted to get down immediately, I suddenly felt in danger.

When we got to our next stop for lunch, I sat beside Joyce once again and told her the vision that Hindi add shown me. Her eyes welled with tears, she began to tell me that after this camel tour journey that Hindi was going to be sold to a camel meat plant. I found out that he was going to die well before his time because the Bedouin family who owns him was having to choose between feeding their camel Hindi, or feeding their family. I felt I had to do something, no wonder Hindi was angry!

I rushed over to Bentinho and ask him if we could start a crowdfunding to save Hindi's life. Bentinho said that if I could confirm through Hindi’s communication that he wanted to stay alive, Bentinho you would pay for his life to be saved.

I went to Hindi’s side once again I sat beside him and tried to connect with him like I did with the “little girl” camel. When I sat beside him he would hardly look at me, he looked in the other direction. Which for animals doesn't necessarily mean that they don't want to talk to you but there was an energy of frustration still in Hindi’s psychic field. I opened my heart and imagined my heart filled connecting to his, he became even more frustrated. I was very confused, I stopped immediately.

I then just sat there with my eyes closed next to him and vibrationally stated I wanted nothing from him and I was just there to listen. I open space in my heart and my mind. He looked to me out of the corner of his eyes, I closed my eyes and as soon as my eyes shut my mind was instantly flooded with years of his personal trauma, abuse and neglect from previous owners. separation from many different  camel tribes, being whipped and physically maimed through carrying massive amounts of weight and lastly being in cages. It had never occurred to him before me, that he would ever have a choice of being able to communicate, let alone a human being open enough to be able to communicate with him. Tears streamed down my face, I grieved beside him, with him, for him.

Then I wiped the tears away, I closed my eyes once more and I showed him that he would have a choice. He would have a choice to live or to leave this life, it was completely up to him.

He then showed me that in this current camel tour group he was considered one of the strong alphas. He showed me that he could heal in this incarnation. That he enjoyed taking care of the other camels and being in service as long as he was honored, that he would be able to heal the trauma from the past. He let me know through our connection that he wanted to stay alive.

We saved Hindi’s life that day, Hindi will be safeguarded in Joyce's charity, I am so grateful!

But there is an update, Hindi needs more donations! He needs at least three more donors at $12 USD a month to be able to fund his food and other expenses! If you would like to help, the button to donate is below!

Jocelyn Daher