Messages from The Mother Arc

In case it has gone unnoticed to you, I am in the midst of developing a new form of sharing with the online world. Instead of purely talking about subtle spiritual energies and new age concepts, I am focusing more on my offerings on the subject of “sacred” sexuality.

I have been “rebranding” my offerings, tempted to “market” myself as the typical oozing source of feminine sensuality that has flooded the social media world. Pleasant revealing images of the feminine form. Yet every time that I have attempted to put out such a post, some force within me has stopped me. It is clear that this force stopping me is not my own fear. I am completely unafraid now more than ever to be seen for all that I am and not affected by all that I am not. I have had a year of training in this area of seeing me shadow exclusively.

This force within, this quality about my sexuality, I have not honored since I was a preteen girl. Just before passing the threshold of puberty, I started getting very specific messages from my heart about the divine nature of a human being’s own sexual energy and the power within the alchemical container of sexual union.

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For the last six months, I have attempted to share with you what most would deem as extremely revealing photos. I was planning to share these seducing photos with a gorgeous quote. Most likely some homage to tantric text or an applicable personal practice you could be able to begin to access the glimpse of your own sensual potency. But every time I went to do this the same force I mentioned above alway held me from pressing the share button with you.

For example, I did an entire photo shoot in Mauritius, a tropical island off the coast of South Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Hashtag exotic right? In those photos my entire body was revealed with the exception of my nipples and a direct shot of my yoni! Which of course I planned to artfully cover with emoji stars or something clever along those lines. Not to mention another entire photo shoot with me in luscious lingerie in Maui, Hawaii. They were stunning photos taken by women I LOVE but in both photoshoots there was one huge aspect missing! The authentic, pure spark within me, my soul essence was missing in these photos. I stared at them for hours feeling terrible about the thought of wasting them but I knew I could not betray my heart as it nudged me as to simple listen and stay true.

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I have had this huge calling towards learning about sacred sexuality for years, I have watched in admiration as other woman have shared their messages boldy. In small bite sized videos or posts in the past, I would expose myself in this same way. Perhaps a seductive video of me dancing or a suggestive photo. Every time there was this drawing sense on my entire being that felt cheap, incomplete or dishonoring of myself about my sharing of this very special quality of heart.  

Despite all this time that has passed. I have always dreamed of being able to share the magnificent mysterious wonders, the childlike innocence and experience of lifeforce shamanism that causes an experience of complete saturation with and as God. My experiences have consistently left me in complete awe to what feels like I am merging with the entirety of creation and beyond! Using the conduit of my conscious mind as a merger with all of creation. This has always been my tiny secret flame within my heart, flickering, warm with desire to devote myself to the divine.

It never occured to me that I was qualified of being able to share these “teachings”, if they would even be called that. Until I had a glimpse of its effect on other human consciousness the summer of 2017. I channeled Mary Magdalene as I lead a portion of a retreat in Baarlo in front of a crowd of over five hundred people. Not only was there the channeling but the profundity in my experience was in the massive healing and release that followed.

As I sat on stage, I had called in my guides. The beings are massive nine foot tall beings of made exclusively of light. The come to me in my dreams, I call them “the watchers”. They have been my guides since I was a little girl. They show me sacred geometries with this entirety of the universe and how to utilize them. I called them in and they assumed all four corners of the room.

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Slowly but surely I saw them overseeing the dissolving of the many different forms of the sexual misery programing that we all been indoctrinated into on this planet. The Sexual Misery Programming to simplify this term is the reversal of the feminine and masculine forces within. This distortion causes blockages in our system causing not only destress in our personal relationships but ultimately causes a continuation of the illusion of the split from the creator. Imagine the feeling of witnessing the collective purging of over five hundred people at once. I was completely humbled.

I have been refining how to share my understandings of sexual energy ever since that heart opening moment.

There are so many that are sharing about “sacred sexuality” at this time but I feel it is missing a key aspect, the potency of the energetics and the understanding of the portal that is our own beating human heart. More importantly the driving force of unification within this universe: to know ourselves as love. True love in my experience, is the most potent substance other than pure light on this plane and dimensional reality. To alchemize with another through this form of conscious energy when done very specifically is to experience yourself as the all. This often happens quite organically to most people’s surprise once their hearts are open.

I have been finally slowing down and listening to what I will call the “Mother Arc” energy that flows through me, this sweet feminine wisdom. When I become still, this source emparts a knowing through direct experience of my deep emotions, my connection to all that is within creation. This feminine energy has been coming to me with a very clear message, as I am now freshly embarking on becoming a “sacred sexuality” guide (whatever that means). She has been breathing into my entire system, this information that is enladen with the very beginning lessons of female integrity and the responsibility that is held from choosing to incarnate as a woman.

First and foremost, before I share more with you, I would like to declare that I do not see this as an absolute truth but just that this is MY TRUTH, meaning this is what feels in alignment to my heart and therefore my journey as to my offerings thus far.

The message coming through loud and clear is specifically that as a woman, I need to understand the potential that this incarnation holds and more so, not abuse the power that I hold with and as my physical form.

For example, It would be very easy for me to use my naked body, my feminine charms, my innocent appearance and nourishing understands of how to take in a man in all forms, if he so desire. It would be quite simple to display my “mastery” of feminine prowess but in fact, I am starting to understand that none of these are the true power a woman holds. From what I can see this is the illusion of feminine power that has been distorted to proliferate the suffering of both sexes of the human race for thousands of years, if not more.

I am just beginning to glimpse what seems to be the true, purified, benevolent feminine power within me. Yet I feel, like many, I have been unfortunately been abusing these gifts and embodying the complete opposite for most of my life up to this point to be completely honest.

I have used my body, my pleasant wits, my charms, and nourishing feminine presence as a conduit to seduce “powerful”, sometimes even pure hearted yet wounded unsuspecting men. Then I would use their affections, attention and admiration of and for me as energetic wind in my sails, to expand my sense of self, my sense of worth. I would use their love as a substitute for the love of the creator that is already constantly flowing through me.

The way that I have seen this typically playing out is that most men on this planet have no resting place within themselves. They have not amply developed their own “inner feminine” essence. Therefore either consciously or unconsciously they are searching to be comforted by the voluptuous curves, smooth voice and consoling arms of a women. Through her sexual “submission” he feels his physical power, through her seeing of him in his worldly greatness, he comes to know his own greatness and through her silent compassionate witness, his aching heart can finally be heard. For a short time, his head lay to rest without the threat of needing to keep up with the constant outside influence of patriarchal hierarchy, to defend his own budding paradigm in this world.

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In this wounded dynamic, a woman becomes confirmed in herself by being his savoir. She is taught from a very young age that a man will “seek her out” if she is qualified. And once she is seeked out by such a man then she will receive love and sustenance. She spends her days grooming herself so that she can be the object of his affections, so she can find worth through being of service to him.

So it begins, she molds herself. She dances the way she assumes he would like, she learns to feed herself to maintain a healthy body weight to be physically appealing to him, she learns how to dress presentable to be socially adored, she learns how to quiet her own inner unique fire to be able to meet his requirement, and if she meets all of the gates then finally she will receive the love she has been so fervently working for. She learns how to please him just from appearance alone. Every woman suddenly becomes terrified of not being deemed qualified, if her looks do not surpass the gripping standards of modern society, of his eyes.

We have forgotten, I had forgotten that my body was my own sacred vessel. My body was and is mine, it is a precious representation of God, the divine, of spirit woven into form. Within my body is a superhighway. If you want to get more technical it is through my spine. This pathway provides a direct channel straight to experience the divine realms. It is a gateway to the higher dimensionality of my make up. It is one of the quickest and most lucid ways to experience myself in truest naked form, where all of my physical form is stripped away and I come to know myself as the infinite.

I am finally remembering that my unclothed body is to be saved exclusively for the innocence of playing in pristine nature as nature herself. And another is only for the eyes of my beloved, as a gift we share together behind the closed doors of our shared inner sanctum. For there is such a potency when we cherish what has been given to us as a gift in this life.

I can finally feel that I may have somehow been be able to sell myself in trade to gain followers through direct exposure of these feminine delights in the past. But that in the remainder of my journey, I could never truly feel fulfilled through using cheap tricks to gain attention to this very sacred ancient yet time timeless work.


Therefore I know I must stick to my “mission” (at the expense of emphasizing self importance) implicity with no exceptions.


I am now receiving specific information to uphold a quality of integrity as I strive to be a portion and representation of healing my vessel to embody the feminine divine as clearly and purely as possible.


As I write you now, my heart is overflowing with this sense of palpable light, that flows through me as I seem to melt and dissolve into all things. I arise thankful to even be a witness of such movements on this planet. Thank you for taking the time to read this, to slow down and to listen with me. We are in this together.

Jocelyn Daher