A Releasing Ritual to Light Up Your New Moon

The New Moon is amongst us again, bringing in the magic of void that is so full of possibility! The emptying and realignment (sometimes through chaotic circumstances) to make you completely surrender! Can you feel it? I am going to share with you a sacred releasing ritual that has been brought to life from the ashes of my ancestors to birth a new paradigm.


Linking us together around a fire, a flame and the representation of your sacred heart and ancestry line. I never used to connect to fire because I always thought of it as a destructive elemental but it is quite magical! It is transformative, releasing, and mysterious. I have been bonding and starting to understand the elements so clearly these days, as if they are speaking to me like little sprites who each have a story to whisper in my ear, when the days or nights go quiet! When I think of fire, it is like that of the sacred heart, constantly needing communication or air to keep it's warmth or connection of heart rising! Just like love, it takes two elements and transforms and bonds them to create grounds for new life and new aspects of self to rise and emerge from the ash.


I love building fires, to me starting a fire brings me back to connect with the days of our ancestors. It is a very meditative practice that involves complete devotion to make sure the flame rise strong and high. When I breathe my fiery dragon's breath to stoke the flames, I imagine the life essence in my lungs and passion in my warm heart; the alchemical essence of the element fire. The two opposite actions of take and receive all wrapped into one motion of acceleration.


Ebb and flow, inhale and exhale, while the Full Moon is about the deepest inhale and fullness of abundance, the New Moon becomes the bare, raw exhale of potentiality. Tonight is devoted to the exhale, the release and emptying of all the old, to burn away, to bury, allowing the what once was whole to become transformed to Earth once again. Anew, to facilitate fertile ground for the sprout of new life, for the fruition of new manifestations.  


The New Moon asks for fire to come, to burn away and transform what is not needed and ignite your truest passions in your life. Ask for the things that do not serve your life to be transformed and released. Let your heart truly feel every deep desire within and know that every person including you my sweet soul, deserves to feel that life enchanting love fill their existence.


And with this, you, reading the words that have my whole entire being buzzing, I hope to pass this practice and resonance along:


What You Will Need:

  • A Piece of Paper or Notebook

  • A Pen or Pencil

  • Essential Oils (at one)

  • Cleansing Herbs (ie: Sage, Rosemary, Rose, etc.)

  • Twine

  • A Small Cup of Water

  • Crystals

  • A Flame (either candle, bonfire, or fireplace)


How to Do The Releasing Ceremony


  1. Create an intention Temple: I sat naked in front of the fire but this is entirely optional. If you choose to wear clothing choose to wear something that holds significance to the new aspects you are wanting to create. You can even wear a power color or color to accentuate the chakra you would like to balance.

  2. Anointment: I chose to anoint myself with lavender and frankincense, the oils or flower essences bring in a certain consciousness to help facilitate the cleansing of your energy and auric field.

  3. Write To Release: On the piece of paper or in your notebook, write down what you would like release, let go of or transform in your life.

  4. Make Your Offering: I then sprinkled the herbs ( I used lavender, rosemary and rose petals) I had inside of the note paper, rolled it up and tied it with twine with the sticks of the herbs on the outside as well as kindling.

  5. Throw it into the Fire: Throw the bundle into the fire to burn away, release and transform.

  6. Cleanse: Sprinkle water from your fingertips into fire when finished and say,” I Release and I Am Renewed.” (I added the water to include all of the elementals) Water is a symbol of rebirth and fire the transformation of death and renewal.

  7. Facilitate: Feel free to use your crystals or other healing beings to assist you in this ceremony.


Fire takes what once was solid and physically unmovable, transforms and renews the solid space to ash and Earth once more. I am so filled with gratitude to be able to share this with you. With grace I pray for the renewal of your heart, that your heart will sync with the acceleration of the already awakened Gaia. Bless you, if you took the time to read these words, I am grateful for you and I hope you feel the love from my heart to yours.


You and I, we are one <3