How I Developed My Intuition

I have had several people ask me how I have developed certain extrasensory skills. My answer is always from birth, so in the process of my development I also allowed my “extra”-senses to develop along side. I think the biggest facilitator for me was pretending and in saying this, there have been so many times in my life that I thought I was “imagining things I would see only to find more synchronicities. I believe along with einstein that the world is pretty dull if our imaginations are not involved. Think of how many famous or well known people have used their individual creativity and imaginations to create whole other worlds for us to indulge in together as a society. So in a sense, imagination is what makes us extrasensory as a whole. If you involve enough people in one person’s vision you end up with things like free energy or in our reality electricity. Books and series that take us to magical far away lands that tug at a specific unified field within all of us. This pathway is the same one I have been using to channel and foresee different synchronicities within the universe.


My mother was a huge part in allowing these intuitive parts within me to grow as a young child. She would “make” my brother and I go outside for “at least” an hour a day. She would encourage us to pretend and use our imaginations in everyday life. This created an amazing connection with nature, I started noticing patterns in all of life and becoming extremely sensitive to weather patterns. The pretending has allowed for an amazing ability to visualize anything I would like which is extremely useful when it comes to manifestation. She would also pray with me every single night. I think that this prayer practice has been one that allows me to connect to the center of the universe or God so clearly. The prayer was very simple: Name to God everything you are thankful for and feel it in your heart and pray for God to protect the people you love never forgetting to including your “enemies” in my case the girl or boy who made fun of me in class. This practice taught me about resonance, that the energy that we are constantly in actually multiplies and creates our reality.


As a pre-teen the major influence in my life was every year for eight years, I attended a summer camp for a month to three months. It was located in the North Carolina mountains and this strengthened my connection with nature even more. Our cabins were were build with ply-wood, chicken wire, screens to keep the bugs out and shingles on the roof to keep us dry. I loved listening to the crickets going to bed and the warm dew waking up in the mornings. The most significant change was with my amp councillor named Kelly, she would sneak a small group of girls into the woods by a magical mountain stream every few days. As we would walkthrough the mystic mountain trails she would tell us the folklore of the faerie realm that the spirits of the elementals were all around. She would bring nets, mason jars and other wares to catch the faeries. She would bring flutes and drums, we would dance splashing in the water laughing the afternoon away. This was the point in my life when I started connecting to the other dimensional realms all around us. The trees started to tell me their stories, the animals each had a story and the plants told my they could help me heal my wounds. Around this time my mother was also an actor in the Carolina Renaissance Festivals and I fell in love with the time of ole, the faeries, the folklore and the mystical world even more! That world was pure magic to me!


There was trouble paradise though, because I was different than most I was bullied quite a bit.  All of the positive energy seemed to switch when my parents started fighting around the age of nine until their divorce at age fourteen. At summer camp I was told that I was worshipping something evil because it was a Christian camp, even though I knew in my heart I so much splendor for all of creation and the feel moving through my heart in this place felt like cool mountain stream water which is how I always pictured the “holy spirit” running through you to feel like as they described it. Not to mention in public school what they thought of me, while most girl were starting to go on movie dates with guys and explore the their sexual aspects. I was too involved in want to meet the faeries and pretending outside. I attended private Christian school from grade four to six, I played by myself the majority of the time. Then as I merged to public school my best friend who I still pretended with disowned me afraid that if the other school mates found out she was still pretending that she would no longer be popular. That day started my “nerd” legacy, she decided to write one hundred reason why not to like Jocelyn Daher and passed it around to the entire school. Everyday as I got on the bus to go home I was made fun of, they shouted names like faerie girl and baby. With this I just went deeper into my practices of bonding with nature. I could “call in” a snowstorm when I wanted time away from school anytime in the winter, all I had to do was pray for it  and the weather seemed to match my emotions. I used to be so analytical that I would have constant panic attacks at the age of twelve. I would see apparitions constantly in my house, I could feel the pain of others, along with visions flashing before my eyes of what they gone through in their life and I would have prophetic dreams.


I thought I was all alone, until one day when I was twelve a girl with long black hair and the opposite of my super upbeat and friendly disposition came walking into my science class and sat next to me. With all of our seeming differences, I of course started talking to her because I could feel that she was keep something secret like me. Sure enough the universe had sent me a person that although appeared to be completely different from me on the outside couldn’t have matched my abilities more on the inside and this was the start of the most beautiful friendship I have ever had to this day. With her I continued to be able to work with the faerie realm, decode my dreams, talk about my feeling of intuition, read astrological charts, talk about philosophy and explore what it meant to live in a world that was not completely narrated for you.


So people ask me how I enhance these skills, I will tell them that it is and always will be keeping the wonder and humble heart of a child. To be open to non-judgement always, to be open to the unknown, to believe in magic and miracles. These are the real life constructs of my constant reality. I have NEVER needed any type of psychedelic although maybe I will have the courage to try one, my world is so already holographic and always has been. Although you have been told that your logical process are what got humanity where they are today. You have to ask just like I do, is this really true? It has always been the absurd the unthinkable and bizarre mind that has brought our consciousness and society to another level of existence, when you listen to the deepest part within you; you have this same radio station to bring forth through your imagination a completely different world.  

Jocelyn Daher