To the Women Who Bled on the Blood Moon

So there I was, looking at the full blood moon eclipse in all it’s glory, starting my moon cycle in unison with this astronomical event, I couldn’t help to think, “What does it all mean?” Have you ever heard of that phrase ask and you shall receive, well ladies (and possibly gentlemen) receive I did. If you were given your red cycle on the blood moon, I believe spirit has a specific message for you. But most importantly, I will have to start with the basics so you will understand the meaning in the message.

When women lived together in tribes, not only did they bled in unison but also bled during the New Moon. Have you ever noticed that you will sync blood cycles with your housemates or women from work? It is said by the wise women of our ancient ancestors that the shedding of our blood during this time allows us to step into a veil or a different state of consciousness. Women during the red cycle become hypersensitive to those around them and more expressive of the emotions that come forth to cleanse of. What society has deemed a social annoyance or an illness, in other words premenstrual syndrome, (Really every woman has a syndrome? I think not.) is actually an innate biological gift. This is why a week before receiving your moon cycle you will want to start ending projects, you may push others away in a subconscious effort to offer your body emotional nourishment in solitude. Then of course when you receive your first day of blood, the first instinct is to go into hiding, rest and nurture yourself. Listen to that voice. The problem is society doesn’t recognize this feminine voice within, so as a result many women stifle that voice as well.


We start moving through a pushing energy to being okay, biting off more than we can chew and are labeled the multitaskers and super-moms. Our red cycles are intimately connected to our endocrine system, to put it simply this is the system in the body that encodes thought into physical form. For example when see, feel or think something is threatening or in other words stressful; adrenaline is produced and the body translates this into a whole series of physical changes in order to help us survive from this threat. The same goes for when we see, feel or think we are safe, our body sends out codes to enrich and enhance relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment. So what would seem to be a simple request of overtime from your boss (and pushing yourself to do so) puts you in an adrenaline state, just as if a sabertooth tiger were chasing one of your ancestors. In contrast, curling up next to the fire with a good book or cuddling with a partner tells the body that is is abundant. The one thing that creates disharmony with women’s red cycles the most is stress and not allowing down time for nourishment.  

So here was the result of processing many sources of information along with some juicy messages from divine introspection. When we receive our red cycle it is a rite of passage to that specific energy swing. So when women are bleeding during the full moon it means these women are moving and pushing to produce from the energy and space of a warrior. She is taking the darkness inside and charging forth into the world, either sharing her darkness with others or sacrificing herself to benefit humanity. Although I would love to award all of you beautiful ladies, including myself, with a badge of honor. I am here with the universe speaking through me, that it is time to put the shield with your beating heart on top of it...down. By layering on the armor and doing the extra time at work, going to that party, and being there for everyone but yourself. You are ultimately disengaging the voice within you and more importantly the voice that is an extension of the great mother within you whom brings forth creation. We think this is selfless service , to ignore ourselves to help others, when it is really just a sprint to a finish line that doesn’t exist.  

I will explain a bit further since for me, this was a massive bit of medicine to swallow. Men and women are wired completely different but the work world and society both expect us to act like men. Here is where things get tricky biologically, men feel empowered and physical charge to get projects done with adrenaline alongside their native hormone testosterone. There is an up and a down for men using adrenaline as a platform but with women it completely sidelines them. Ever been to a business meeting or project planning in school and you feel all fired up only to crash the next day and feel completely hopeless? That is because women function different; we are made to create life and nourish that life, not spot prey and hunt it down! We are made to open the heart and connect our communities. So where is the missing link? It is all in a gorgeous and sometimes these days scarce hormone named oxytocin.

I will create a little list of what oxytocin does and then get into why it matters to women who bleed with the full moon. Oxytocin is the chemical that bond you with your child, it reduces social anxiety and created bonds in groups, it is the healing catalyst and a pain reliever, helps you lose extra weight and is an antidepressant. It is what gives women truly our generous nature. It is like sacred feminine in a bottle! Women who bleed with the full moon are pushing so much that they are turning this natural yearning to help into a deficit for the giver. Now we see women give until they can’t give anymore and that is giving from an adrenaline or survival state. The message is this: Full moon bleeders are needing nourishment. The full moon is the time when you are suppose to be creating a child and what is the opposite? The opposite is when you are shedding your uterine lining and the most infertile, in other words your period. Your body is asking you to step into the light of inner sanctity, to honor your self first. The message that your spirit, God, the universe; who ever that is to you, is asking you; is to go into your specific mage mystery school. Rest when you start to bleed beautiful girl, so the universe can fill you up with a healthy body and mind. The blood moon was initiating you into a knowing that is meant to be shared with the world but if you keep running and never stop to catch your breath, you will never have the voice to fully receive and share the message.


So I am sure you are now wondering,” What are some ways that I can sync back into the New Moon bleeding cycle?”


  1. Use Light Therapy: Our moon cycle is called a moon cycle for a reason! Our bodies sync up to the light of the moon. We used to have only natural light when we lived in unison with nature. If there is some way that you can sleep with the moon’s light only lighting your room then do so. If you live in the city where there is a lot of light pollution, it is important that your room is as dark as possible of the time of the New Moon and transitioning period. During the five days of the full moon use a nightlight or soft light to re-enact the lighting of the full moon to sync your body. There is also an app called Luness which learns your specific moon cycle,  automatically lighting up during ovulation and keeping the room dark during your bleeding time. It is as simple as entering your period each month and pressing a button before bed. Also try to remember to not wear sunglasses during the five days of the full moon.

  2. Try to Integrate Relaxation Practices into Your Day: Try daily deep breathing exercises, yoga, or Find a BraveHeart Women exercise in your area which are specifically made to put women into a state of oxytocin. Sing more, whether it is in the car, with friends or in the shower (because we all know the best acoustics are in there) Dancing also helps women to connect with their sacral chakra and produce more oxytocin. Give hugs more! Hug for twenty seconds or longer and feel the full benefit of this bonding chemical.

  3. Make Your Moon Time Sacred: At LEAST the first day you receive your moon do the least amount of physical work and social engagement possible. If you can take three days or more to allow yourself to go within. In that time make it your sanctuary time, meditate, pamper yourself, eat nourishing foods and sleep more. This is a simple switch that makes a huge difference. When you start tuning into yourself the message will start flowing with your flow, make sure to journal any dreams or messages you receive in the time with yourself.

To the beautiful woman who is reading this: I hope in my heart, that this can aid in a permission to pamper yourself to the wholeness to the feeling of being safe and supported that you truly deserve.

To the men who are reading this, thank you for holding space for your feminine counterpart. With your understanding, woman can live in a place that supports your opening and empowerment.

With the deepest gratitude in my heart,

We are one

Jocelyn Daher