Renouncing the Isis Priestess Lineage


This time in my life has been about healing a multi-generational wound. Denouncing the Isis Priestess Lineage and invoking the Christ-Sophia principle within me to clear my auric bodies, just as Mary of Magdalena did when she fell before the feet of Yeshua. I pray that every seal within my chakras  be cleansed of these very ancient distortions. I am internally breaking these old shackles that gave me an illusion of power, for their existence only supported and prolonged a long line of Anu-genetic slave trade! I claim my God-Sovereign freedom on this planet. I stand with others to heal these very wounds of soul prostitution that our society so blatantly encourages. I hold the light of remembering who we really are, made in the image and likeness of the one infinite creator.

Since I was a child I was devoted to reading the bible and always loved the symbolism in Revelations. I wanted the time of the New Earth to take rise. With this dedication was the greater sense that something needed to shift on this planet and an ever deeper sense that we did not have enough time. I was seeing the apparent misalignments in this world, feeling empathically how the planet was in distress through a mixture of the consistent emotional suppression of humanity and the bizarre weather phenomena. The Earth felt sick to me as a child and I would often pray for the salvation of humanity, not in a self-righteous way but with a deep love for humanity at large. For example: my main prayer from the age time I was four years was for God to always humble me.

I went to church almost every Sunday with my family and I was in love Christ. I felt the spirit of Christ flowing through me quite regularly. It was a living breathing intelligence. It was this feeling of a river of life giving light flowing through me that would awaken my heart and allowed me to sense my spirit in all of creation. There was such a mixture of both light and dark at that time and there seemed to be such a huge gap between the forces of positive and negative forces. I would see and sometimes speak to people who had passed on and I would direct them back to the light. At night I would see demon like faces that would appear in my room. I would close my eyes and recite, I rebuke you in Jesus’ name!” They would alway recoil and disappear.

When I was fourteen, I had dream that felt even more real than that of this world. It started with the world getting very hot, everyone around was crying-out from the heat there was nowhere to escape it and their bodies were covered in boils. The world started to disintegrate and when it did my grandmother took me into her arms but she very quickly turned to dust. When she disappeared, an eight to nine foot tall light being took her place. This being was completely made of bright white light and had a toroidal halo of light spinning around the outside of it’s body. It was spinning in an egg like shape on the outside of the outline of it’s physical light body and it looked like there were two wings surrounding it. I now know this was simply the speed at which the light was oscillating in it’s auric body.

This angel of light started to telepathically communicate with me. It said, to not be afraid and trust therefore in the infinite light of God. I was transported to another realm entirely where they told me I would be a part of a shift on the planet. They told me I need to remember my lineage and the being of light told me I held a seal to one of the twelve lamp posts of the world. Then I was prepared ceremonially to be a sexual sacrifice to the dark forces. I was bathed in a golden elixir, I was adorned with gems I had never seen before and draped in what appeared to be some of the finest silk. I was placed on a bed in a mysterious chamber and told to wait on the bed. I was told telepathically that through my sexual gifts that I would be healing this being of the dark forces, that I was awaiting, with my love of the one infinite creator. I was told to give my body to this archon of darkness.

Then I woke up…

From that point on at the age of fourteen, I wanted to be desirable to any man I came in contact with. Soon enough I had turned away from the typical road of society, taking the road of the “New Age” movement. I thought I was an awakened being but I was still serving in the shanks of the slave labor to the material world. Believing that if I attained influence in my career than I would not only be a high level spiritual initiate but I would also gain fame and wealth to be able to complete “my mission”. There was the seduction of a life of externally based power.

I am finally starting to transmute this consistent nagging impulse in my system that whispers anxiously to “become something more of myself”. Which I can now see is a distortion in the natural impulse to move in spirit toward the one infinite creator. Whether it was with have more followers on social media, the consistent recognition for being an extra-sensory being, influence among my peers, the consistent pay-raise of being a “transformational healer”. The seduction of Maya, of this illusion was really ignited by watching the movie “The Secret”.

The movie “The Secret” is an instructional guide on how to recognize that our “thoughts become things”, this is a powerful realization in itself. But laced within the greater realization was a hook into deception. I think it was genius for this institution to teach those very same New Age beginners, to become focused on areas of material gain. The majority of the movie that preceded was instructions on how to focus on getting a bigger paycheck or the car you wanted. This movie was the closest permission slip to activate my internal psychic gifts, yet I always intuited something still being missing. However, I ignored that underlying feeling telling me something was off and I would use my skills of manifestation to materialize any object or objects I wanted into the physical realm. This society is constantly feeding our minds with what seems to be a gain of soul fulfillment through the acquisition of money, sexual prowess, and status to the masses.

I have been exploring these archetypes since March of this year (2018) since I have been making a course about “The Priestess”, what it is to be a woman who swears herself to walk the path devoted to the divine, only in service to that greater movement of the purity of the heart. I have been reflecting, reading, praying and delving deep within my soul matrix.

I feel I am shedding these false archons within that drove me unconsciously to place energetic hooks into men and lead their misguided affection and attention to source false light. This seduction was often about feeding my own lower egoic needs. I have felt like a slave to these very inner urges since I was a teenager not knowing where these strange addictive impulses were stemming from. My lack of ability to commit to relationship, I had no idea was an ancient oath from previous lives that were still playing out. The inquisition to help “heal men” through my sexuality. All of this is a perversion from the pure sourced light of the true reason sexuality exists which now I know can only be bore from true love.

There is a difference between the original lineage of the priestess and the lineage that was subjugated by dark forces and guised as the healing vessel of both men and women’s sexuality. I now denounce any allegiance, contract or agreement to any of the false archons that create the ideas of lack, these thought form entities that have enslaved my soul seduced by seven spheres of this Solar system. I make completely null and void: any contract, agreement or oath to the false light lineages that have plagued this planet. May we heal the fragmentation of the sexual misery programs running within our relationships on this planet. May the true healing traditions be returned at this time.

I am ecstatic to be inviting Christ back into my heart as the highest Earthly ascended master that walked before us.

I claim hereby my Sophic-Christic wisdom and endeavor to continue to ignite the three fold flame within. May the truth and light of the one infinite Creator be known by all.

Jocelyn Daher