The Digital Age Guru - Honoring our Saturn Return Cycle


We live in a world that praises the “fast track” path to enlightenment.

The faster the route, the more glorification in our modern world.

New Age teachings are filled with statements

like “your beliefs shape your reality” and “you are the creator”.

Since I was the age of eight or nine years old I had this huge feeling in the foundation of my being that something was off about this world. There was too much violence, too much disease, too much ignorance. I started having dreams with “tall whites” in them that told my where I was really from and what I was “doing” on Earth. They came to me and showed me that I had a mission here in one unforgettable dream. From that day forward I would try to ignore or suppress this insatiable desire that something had to be done and that I had to figure it out and deliver this to the world somehow.

Twenty-one years of seeking in the outside world. Constantly anxious that I would or will not complete this mission that these archangels had pointed to in my dreams. This perpetual weight of world on my shoulders to know what my specific “calling” was in the world. I knew I was suppose to be in service and yet the torture was that I just didn’t know how yet. I felt like time was running out.

When I was twenty I found the Law of Attraction teachings, this was the closest I had ever come to anything I had been intuiting and how to understand or utilize my “gifts”. This has been an incredible realization and practice for about ten years ago. I indeed began to shift my reality just from using my imagination alone. I would dedicate only five minutes a day to imagine living in a gorgeous place absorbed in nature. Only only four months later, I would find myself living in rural New Zealand. I imagined my empathic work helping thousands and wrote an article only two months later that reached over one million people. My imagination was visibly shaping my reality and there was no end in sight to what I felt I could create with the power of my internal will and psychic gifts.

Don’t get me wrong this has been such and wonderful blessing throughout my life but it still did not end the consistent emotional turmoil that was within my personality makeup. Even after have hundreds of thousands of views on social media. I felt even more at a loss and unfulfilled. I could feel there was a dimension of reality that was still not mastered or understood and it always came back to look me straight in the face.

Only recently have I experienced a true existential release.
It is through traditional esoteric wisdom. I am writing this so that maybe this can help you as well. If you are a seeker or initiate, this key information can offer relief and foresight into the graceful surrender of the larger picture of this creation cycle.

According to the esoteric teachings in many mystery lineages across the world. We exist on many different plane at once. We are multidimensional. The New Age teachings I am referring to above: “your beliefs shape your reality” and “you are the creator” are universal truths. These will be truths as well like we are infinite, we are transcendent, we are not our bodies. Meaning at the highest planes of existence, where your oversoul is infinitely located these truths ring true. And yet as I mentioned we are omnipresent on many different dimensions, realities, and densities. We exist simultaneously through all levels. That is why many of us will experience on this physical plane the mental and emotional forms of separation or soul fragmentation. This physical reality I believe is one of the densest of all dimensional realities.

In this plane because matter is rattled into shape much slower than some of the higher dimensions, it takes time and embodiment for us to evolve not only physically but mentally and most importantly energetically and spiritually. There are natural evolutionary patterns that have been playing out since the dawn of time. These are the laws that all of the physical realm have to obey. These are the laws that for thousands of years humans have been trying to either understand or bend. These evolutionary cycles and tracks have been shaping our universes, planets, our bodies and for the sake of this article the consciousness of human being’s souls on Earth.

These universal laws while they are simple, they are surprisingly complex to master in the realm of understand and to take it further, take even longer to go from the spirit realm grounding completely into physical form or human embodiment of those teachings. Which is a fancy way of saying you have to live this knowledge to embody it. There is a huge difference between knowing information and living what you know!

The Saturn Return Cycle

This is where the esoteric teachings point us to the Saturn Return cycle. Maybe some of you have heard of this because it is an infamous period of time that rock singers decided to exit this plane of existence. If you have heard of this time in your life, you have probably only heard that you reach your Saturn Return around the age of thirty. But this cycle does not just occur once, it reoccurs in your life every seven to ten years. It is a portal of initiation.

The esoteric teachings direct us through the energies at play orchestrating the development of our path to embodying our soul essence on Earth. What this often appears as in the text of ole is what I like to coin “The Galactic Breath” or the yin-yang, the internal and external period of time. For example, the first seven to ten years of your life is internal, then the next external, so on and so forth.

You start out in this world a clean slate, connected to your own soul essence but without any information of how to create a physical hearth or core within yourself of your existence in this physical realm yet. Next you externally explore as much as possible! This phase when you are a preteen to early twenties is really about physical acting out the errors to create as much potentiality to create learning. When you reach late twenties you slow down to integrate everything that you have learned to really churn through and start “prototyping” what you are here to gift to humanity and finally if you have passed the main gates of initiation by the time you are in your early fifties spirit will allow the creative “air under your wings” to really impart your soul essence gift that will outlive you in the collective.

Have you ever noticed that the “spiritual teachers” that are from the older generations often gained their height of their career, the “mastery” of their gifts when they were forty-five or older? It is my belief that they were able to share those incredible modalities, books and great wisdom from years of “hard knocks” or simple embodying their teachings.

Disclaimer: this is not to say that every older person will pass through these initiations, the determination of the crystallization of a soul’s gift depends on their consistent willingness and dedication to their specific path throughout their lifetime!

The Young initiates of social media

In our mass media world we have a lot of young people in there teenage to mid-twenties waking up, they are going from “sleeper to seekers”. This is what many will coin their “awakening” but what they do not know is it is just the beginning! As soon as a young initiate has awakened to their own capacity and to the synchronicity within this universe, the first thing we want to do is to share this knowledge. They read a book or watch a documentary and suddenly want to become a teacher to the world. (I would know I was one of these seekers) What we are seeing in this age is a mass production of digital age gurus - lifestyle guides, wellness coaches, yoginis, womb whispers, spirituality mentors and transformational guides.

Online these offerings can be delivered by any age from the youngest I have seen eight to the oldest in their late eighties! These teachings will offer service to others who are awakening of course but we will be seeing these “teachers” in their initiation trails which most of the time includes some pretty obvious mistakes or “catalyst for learning”.  Not all of these teachers will be teaching a path of knowledge that they have lived for say ten or even better thirty years. So there are guaranteed to be blind spots!

Like I said above about “young initiates” reading a book and automatically wanting to share it as wisdom to the world. What they are missing is that they have only read a universal truth but it is not coming from their unique soul embodiment yet. They need to actually take the time to do the practices to sit with the source of where the wisdom comes from to truly pass it on to another in a sustainable way. In my opinion, they have not “walked their talk” so to speak until they have entered the world of hard knocks, wax on-wax off.

In the same trajectory as the statements above, I wanted to bring light to the feeling I have that there is an agenda within mass media to glorify the younger generation, the millennials.

Why would the powers that be, be promoting young teachers?
(Young “influencers”)

The young are easily manipulated and many have not formulated their own soul truth yet.I feel strongly that the powers that be, have been creating a marketing agenda in our modern society that is anxiously seeking to stay young.

If we have a society that glorifies being young then we do not have young people looking to the teachers who hold embodied wisdom, they have forgotten the true value in this world. Most young people are impressionable and swayed by the appearance of this world often with very little ability to discern what is an illusion of power and where true power is sourced from. Even most of our older generations trying to remain young because they think the value of beauty or superficial materialistic gains is a higher priority of worth than the fruits of a consistent dedication to their own sovereign path of soul liberation.

Esoteric Wisdom state there are five levels of soul embodiment:

The Sleeper

The Seeker

The Participant

The Adept

The Mage

This ancient wisdom says that we only enter the realm of true awakening when we start being a participant, meaning we start offering ourselves in service. (Even if that service is in the most mundane and simple tasks) It is through participating in this world we attain a specific form of embodied wisdom.

We are entering an era of unprecedented transparency. Not meaning that everyone is transparent but it is the most visible to one another we have ever been in history to date (that we know of anyway). Our lives are encouraged to be broadcasted on Instagram and Facebook continuously. I am not saying that you should wait to share your journey for the chance that you will be seen as spiritually imperfect. I am saying in this community of “teachers and students” we should be more transparent, open and honest about where we are in our learning process.

We are still the ones we have been waiting for, we can all just relax a little bit in my opinion and allow spirit to take the wheel as we dedicate ourselves to what is most needed.

May you know that Great Spirit, the one in all things knew the exact day when you were born, this intelligence knows your mission here and also knows when you will pass away from this world. It is my belief that if you simply follow this wisdom of your own inner knowing all gifts you are here to impart will come to pass. The greatest intention with this article is to place a field of accountability and integrity for our generation and for generations to come. Not only for myself but hopefully for those of you that have read this and resonate.

Jocelyn Daher