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If you don’t feel like you fit in, in this world,
it’s because you are here to help create a new one.
— Jocelyn Daher

So, what is Self-Sourced Sacred Sexuality?

Sexual energy is the energy that moves all of creation,

it is life force energy.


Being "Self-Sourced” is when you connect to this creation energy and you learn how to balance, channel and circulate your life force to consciously create the life you want.


When you think of the word sexuality, the first idea that comes to mind is most likely the act of having physical sex with someone or the sensation of being personally sexually aroused.


But sexual energy is SO MUCH MORE than just the act of sex itself. For example: when Chinese Medicine Practitioners assess your over vitality they will ask you about your sex drive because your libido (or the absence there of) is an indication of how much life force is moving through your body. 


The entirety of creation is making love to itself right now.

Every atom, every cell, every particle, every portion of physical matter has a positive and negative charge and in this dynamic polarity creates an electromagnetic attraction to one another. If you look at the overview of all matter within the visible spectrum, you will find these two aspects. Including within yourself.


Light and Dark.

Yin and Yang.

Masculine and Feminine

Positive and Negative

EBB and Flow.

Give and Take.

Life and Death.


Understanding your inner Masculine and Feminine aspects within lead to a gateway of self mastery. This balance sets the stage for your soul essence, your soul calling to come forward in this lifetime.


There is a way to utilise this vital force that animated your entire body in a very specific way. The energy that pulls us into life existence, to be seen in the world for who we really are.


By understanding the contrast within of light and dark, positive and negative you can begin to see where your blocks are and really claim your truest desires in this lifetime.

This is the beginning of living a life true to embodying your highest self.


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My name is 

Jocelyn Madeline Daher

My gift is being able opening people’s hearts.

In that opening, I can see who you really are without who you think you should be for everyone else.

This sacred space we create together is where your essence is able to be connect to deeply and often for the first time, able to be completely seen, held and honored.



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The Priestess Program

9 Month Apprenticeship


Become a facilitator

The Priestess Program is a dedication to the journey of knowing yourself as divinity and devoting the wisdom and love within you to be offered to  the healing of this planet. Joining together with other conscious women to create a collective impact.

The first priestess program only grazed the surface of what can be transformed and explored as a woman. I wanted to create an online immersion for woman around the world where I will not just be sharing these ancient teachings but you will be able to experience them through practice.

The Priestess Online Apprenticeship will consist of a monthly hour long theory video, 4 different Embodiment Practices a month, a Private FB Women’s Circle, PDF Workbook and 1 Monthly Live Women’s Circle for deep heart sharing as well as time for Q&A.

For each week of the month there will be a new practice and alignment assignment to implement for an entire week. This will really created grounded change, through these weekly practices the monthly theme will have time to actual become embodied experience.   

Get to know a group of fellow conscious women and go on a journey together for 9 months as you rebirth into your new level of inner awareness.


Overview of the themes for the entire 9 Month Program:

  • The History of the Priestess (Extended)

  • The Biology of the Female Body (Extended)

  • Ancient Secrets for Preparation and Care for Bodily Temple

  • De-Armoring - Clearing Your Womb Energetically (Deeper Look)

  • Connect to Your Womb - Self Healing through Self Pleasuring

  • Creating Sacred Space - Holding Ceremony Personally and for Others

  • Sexual Light Body Practices - Exercises to Connect with Your Beloved (Extended)

  • Understanding the Masculine Bodies and Serving the Man

  • The Priestess Path - Devoting Yourself to the Divine Mystery


What you will receive:

  • 1 Hour Theory Video - A monthly hour long “theory” video that includes extended all of the information and explanation behind each each weekly practice for the month.

  • PDF Workbook - this interactive workbook is provided for you to be able  keep up with all of the information as well as track your unfolding.

  • 4 Feminine Essence Practices a Month - change only happens when the philosophy can be grounded into experience, there will be a practice to follow for each week of each month.

  • 1 Live Monthly Heart Sharing Circle and Q&A - join with the women from our intimate circle as we share our experiences and explore any questions you may have.

  • Private FB Group - gather and share with other women in an exclusive environment.


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