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If you don’t feel like you fit in, in this world,
it’s because you are here to help create a new one.
— Jocelyn Daher

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         My name is 

Jocelyn Madeline Daher

    My gift is being able to open people’s hearts.

         In that opening, I can see who you really are without                     who you think you should be for everyone else.

                 In this sacred space we create together; your                      essence is able to be completely seen, held and honored. 



The Priestess Program

12 Month Apprenticeship


Become a holder

of women's wisdom

Discover this lineage of lost ancient women's wisdom from thousands of years ago. 

The Priestess Apprenticeship is a year long journey of knowing yourself as divinity and devoting the wisdom and love within you to be offered to the healing of this planet. Joining together with other conscious women to create a collective impact.

It is 15 years worth of my personal research yet only requires you to show up for one meeting per month! Perfectly designed for the dynamic women initiates of this world. 

Overview of the themes for the entire 12 Month Program:

  • The History of the Priestess (Extended)

  • The Biology of the Female Body (Extended)

  • Ancient Secrets for Preparation and Care for Bodily Temple

  • De-Armoring - Clearing Your Womb Energetically (Deeper Look)

  • Connect to Your Womb - Self Healing through Self Pleasuring

  • Creating Sacred Space - Holding Ceremony Personally and for Others

  • Sexual Light Body Practices - Exercises to Connect with Your Beloved (Extended)

  • Understanding the Masculine Bodies and Serving the Man

  • The Priestess Path - Devoting Yourself to the Divine Mystery


What you will receive:

  • 1 Hour Theory Video - A monthly hour long “theory” video that includes extended all of the information and explanation behind each each weekly practice for the month.

  • PDF Workbook - this interactive workbook is provided for you to be able  keep up with all of the information as well as track your unfolding.

  • 4 Feminine Essence Practices a Month - change only happens when the philosophy can be grounded into experience, there will be a ten to twenty minute practice to follow for every week of each month.

  • 1 Live Monthly Heart Sharing Circle and Q&A - join with the women from our intimate circle as we share our experiences and explore any questions you may have.

  • Private FB Group - gather and share with other women in an exclusive environment.


Work with jocelyn

one on one

Only Twelve Spots Available a Year